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Hearts In Unison

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Nature's healing gifts

Crystals are Mother Nature's healing gifts

Follow Your Dreams.....

The creations of Mother Earth are truly life changing....discovering the benefits of crystals has introduced life, purpose and unconditional love to my life. They have taught me to 'live' freely rather than exist fighting, in this physical world of struggles and chaos. This experience has opened the doorway for me to offer love and compassion to others from the heart. Hearts In Unison was my dream and has evolved with a purpose.... 

To educate and inspire people to 'live' freely by following their heart and allowing their dreams to unfold before their eyes. Crystals are my antidote, my passion, and my teachers...and they join me on my journey to bring joy, inspiration and healing to those in need.  

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Unlock Your Mind Body & Soul.....

Crystal Healing Sessions  - £25 per session or £60 for 3 pre-bookable sessions. 

Many people suffer with physical pain, stress and anxiety due to the pressures, responsibilities and trials that life deals. Crystal healing has helped me to overcome many of these challenges enabling me to find my true self and listen to my heart. By reaching out to others using advanced crystal healing techniques, gently encourages truth and purpose to surface, restoring balance and unblocking channels allowing energy to flow unimpeded. A sense of freedom prevails and awakens the purity that we all hold within our inner worlds at the core of our being. 

If this sounds appealing follow your heart and get in touch to experience a crystal healing session.  


Find Out More About Crystals.....

Introduction to Crystals workshops  - 10am-4.30pm - £40 per person (Max of 6 people per workshop) with a deposit of £10 in advance to secure your place.

Want to learn more about crystals and their healing benefits?? I offer Introduction to Crystal workshops from our home providing information, meditations and basic healing techniques to get you started on your quest to find your true self through the healing of others. A comprehensive booklet is provided and tea, coffee and nibbles are always in ample supply! 

Next Date - 15th September 2018 - FULLY BOOKED

See our events page for future available dates


Visit our Crystal Cavern on Wheels.....

Enter our mobile crystal shop and take a look at the beautiful selection of crystals, Himalayan salt lamps, wooden displays stands and fair trade gifts available. We hold monthly open days from our home in Market Harborough when everybody is welcome to come and visit us. Check out our events page to find the next date! We hand pick high quality pieces from our friends and suppliers who personally travel to places worldwide to source these incredible treasures, and we offer them to you at reasonable prices for you to enjoy.  Come and take a look!


We Can Visit You Too.....

Crystal Relaxation Days - at your home, place of work or event - Price on application. 

 Crystal Therapy Taster sessions, The Crystal Cavern on Wheels and information provided to cater to your needs. For instance, an evening with Smokey Quartz 'the ultimate stress buster,' and natural sedative - allowing you and your friends a peaceful night sleep / or The Crystal Cavern on Wheels set up at your private event! Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can find a suitable natural approach with the use of Mother Natures gifts.  


The moon is half his former self

The sun is out enjoying himself

A feeling of glee fills the air

Oh how I wish I were up there

Majestically twisting and turning in light

Imagining what a magnificent sight

A number of shapes formed by the clouds

This beautiful storyboard makes me feel proud

The vibrations of above send hope, light and love

Receive with compassion, the empathy of a dove

An array of colours violet, blue and green

It becomes apparent things aren't just what they seem

My heart fills with warmth as shivers run down my spine

Excitement overwhelms me, I know I'm one of a kind

Orange light absorbs me as I realise where I am

The crystal formations around me whisper you can do it yes you can

I believe in the formations as they believe in me

They are taking me on a journey that no one else can see

I wait in anticipation so silent so still

The most profound feeling is the power of my will

I feel the urge to be patience as time is of the essence

The realisation as I enter a room...I am a positive presence

This swirly feeling travels up beginning at my feet

I am skipping, smiling, jumping...I am great I am complete!

18/5/2014 © Natasha Walker

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Hearts In Unison

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